Playlist Time: Halloweenie 🎃

A night you’ll remember… in two years’ time.

You are cordially invited to a spooky celebration

My future 80’s-themed Halloween Party! Be there, Saturday, October 31st, 2020. (Location still tentative.)

But if you’d like to attend, I just ask that you follow a handful of reasonable rules:

  1. You can only dress as a character or celebrity from the 80s OR some mutant zombie/scary person who would’ve lived in the 80s. So a dead Rob Lowe can very much bust out some moves with Diane Court or an 80s Dolly Parton.
  2. The only snacks people are allowed to bring are Cheetos or other crunchy orange junk. Several themed treats will be made ahead of time, but their charm will be disregarded by everyone once they are mildly intoxicated from having too many orange and neon green fizzy drinks.
  3. There will be karaoke, but the only songs you can sing are: “Thriller,” “Ghostbusters,” “Spooky,” and “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” – This is non-negotiable.

I am very excited for this party. Mostly because I have all this time to plan ahead for it and I am hoping by then I will have the space to do it. Mainly, though I am eager to strictly supervise its ambiance, something I proudly take very seriously. Said ambiance will boil down to two significant factors: decorations and tunes.

Faux-cobwebs and those slimy gelatinous eyes will be scattered around the place. What place, you ask? — I will be the one to worry about that. I’m not daft, just overly enthusiastic about my debut as a party hostess.

Many songs will play during the festivities, but due to its eight-hour length, some will never be heard, which in my eyes, only adds to its excitement. Though predominantly an 80’s spookfest, ones from other times will also pop up every now and then.

At midnight, all the lights will go off, demanding a moment of party silence for all to listen to Laura Palmer’s theme while holding hands. It is important to stop and reflect on the now when lost in bliss at such an extraordinary occasion, which evidently will happen at my party. This is not a hedonistic affair, though… Those will always be available for anyone to go to throughout the end of October. Mine will be a celebration of life and joy, not excess.

Which is also why Depeche Mode’s “Black Celebration” will play. In this song, which opens the band’s album of the same name, the Depeches embrace darkness as a chance for rebirth with great sentiment:

Let’s have a black celebration
To celebrate the fact
That we’ve seen the back
Of another black day

The song’s eerie atmosphere and tense intro both exalt the band’s grim manifesto, which I know everyone will enjoy. People will do the rock lobster in costume and wear their sunglasses at night while their heads roll out of sheer excitement.

Still, I know how delusional I must sound, planning parties way ahead of time since I cannot host them now. But the idea is just far too exciting! So in order to feel more grounded with my planning impulses, I asked a few friends whether they would like to attend this hypothetical party.

Here is what some of them responded:



So, as you can see, this party will be a guaranteed success, setting precedent for every wonderful gathering I host after it. Which is also why this playlist will also undoubtedly be the star at whatever get-together you manage to arrange on this holiday.

If you cannot make it in two years, or you simply cannot wait, which I completely understand, then I will share my sacred mix with you. Centered around gothic post-punk and nocturnal synthpop, along with some other ominous tunes, you can groove to this while you imagine you are at my promising black celebration.

When it ends, somebody better help me clean the guaranteed party-mess up.

Have a fun, safe and hopefully, not too spooky Halloween.

+ Note: What happened to Thomas Dolby’s music on Spotify? “She Blinded Me With Science” is essential to any Halloween playlist. 😦

Author: Pat

Pat is the editor and main writer at Dulcet Zine. She loves discovering new bands, talking about, writing about, and crying over music. Ask her how to score great deals on vintage vinyl on eBay.

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