Top 10 Albums of 2018 🎉

Looking back on this year’s greatest musical triumphs…

Recently, a friend of mine said that 2018 wasn’t that great of a year for music and I’m gonna have to respectfully disagree.

This year has been almost as good as 2015 was for music. That was the year we were blessed with To Pimp a Butterfly and Currents and Teens of Style and I Love You Honeybear and DS2. This year was full of rather unique additions to the musical canon and to many artists’ discographies. Without boring anyone with a list longer than their battery life, I’ll divulge into my top ten and defend my picks in the hopes that I can persuade you to hear them out:

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Albums to Love: No. 1 in Heaven by Sparks (1979)

In which Sparks and Giorgio Moroder swap glam, disco, and synth obsessions…

This is the number one song in heaven.
Written, of course, by the mightiest hand.

If you’ve ever partaken on the magical journey that is getting into Sparks, you are well aware of all its wonderful surprises. Like reading the most gripping and unpredictable of stories – action-packed at one minute and the next abruptly turning to sensual erotica, leaving one wide-eyed and perplexed in absurd entertainment.

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