Guilty Pleasures: Cowboy Bebop, Fanfiction and… The Weeknd?

Debuting our newest segment on guilty pleasures…

The following contains sexual themes, spoilers to Cowboy Bebop, and a slight shameful fondness for The Weeknd. Read at your own discretion.

Today on this wholesome music site, I will be discussing something extremely common. I do it, you do it, everyone does it.

No, it’s not masturbation. It is reading fanfiction… and occasionally listening to The Weeknd.

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Song Diaries: “Pristine” by Snail Mail (2018)

How Lindsey Jordan helped me find my voice when I needed it most…

Song Diaries looks back on songs and the memories they carry for the writer.

It’s Valentine’s Day, so I’m writing a few words on the music I have been loving as of late. This holiday has never meant much to me, but it’s an opportunity to promote love in all its forms, self-love included.

This month, I had a musical revelation of sorts. I found myself bored with the usual stuff I was listening to and drained out by everything around me. Putting lots of hours into my work and my writing, traveling and not being and breathing enough.

Then there’s the massive blow that was yesterday’s news about Ryan Adams’ abusive behavior toward women. He was someone I’d admired for a couple of years now as a musical force of nature.

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