Playlist Time: 80’s Shopping Date 💄

Shopping with the bestie at an 80’s mall? It’s more likely than you think…

Artwork by Emily Sol.

Have you been to the mall recently? And have you noticed the experience is a lot sadder than it was back when you were a tween?

Well, it doesn’t have to be!!! Just imagine you’re a tween again and it’s the 80’s. If you need an extra boost, listen to this playlist I made after watching Stranger Things 3 back in the summer.

A big motif in the new season was the colorful and neon-lit Starcourt Mall—the designated new hangout spot for all the kids (who are not kids anymore.)

While some of the older teens (like national icon Steve Harrington) find part-time jobs at the mall and elsewhere in the town of Hawkins, the tweens spend a lot of time there just sneaking into R-rated movies, eating ice cream, and shopping while Madonna plays in the background.

I’m referring, of course, to the most important sequence in the entire season, when skater girl Max becomes best friends with telekinetic sweetheart Eleven after she takes her to mall to shop and forget about her boyfriend Mike.

They try on berets, rompers and even have a little photoshoot—it is adorable, and the definition of wholesome. It reminded me of all the silly little trips I took to the mall with my pals as a kid and to not let age keep me from treating life like one big makeover montage.

For those hoping to revisit that feeling, or just imagine you’re at an 80’s mall with your bestie: this playlist is a light and fun girly mix with songs all about being young, cute and flirty. Inspired by when all we had to worry about was which lipgloss to buy (and before the monsters came to town and we got infiltrated by… Evil Russians?)

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! The joy of being a kid. 🌟

Author: Pat

Pat is the editor and main writer at Dulcet Zine. She loves discovering new bands, talking about, writing about, and crying over music. Ask her how to score great deals on vintage vinyl on eBay.

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