In Conversation With: Nautics

How the NYC indie rockers are giving back to the city that gave them their sound…

Question: How does an NYC indie rock band put their music out there in a year as frustrating and confusing as 2020?

Answer: Simple – by jamming from home.

NYC band Nautics are making the most of lockdown with their latest single “Thoughts on the Ceiling.”

The song’s retro music video was recorded from each member’s home and highlights the new normal for many bands: making music long-distance.

As soon as you hear the synth-driven tune, you’ll pick up a thing or two about their sound.

Nautics are flaunting their musical lineage on this song, paying tribute to the impressive lineup of NYC indie bands that made the 2000s such an exciting time to be a rock ‘n roll fan.

And in such a crucial moment in time, they’re eager to give back to the city that has given them so much – which is why all the proceeds from their new single will be donated to the NYC Food Bank.

“We decided to do this because New York City has given us so much over the years and we wanted to do what we can and give back to the city we call home,” said the band’s drummer Levitt.

I had a chat with the band to further discuss the new single and its charitable cause.

Check out the Q&A below:

Who are Nautics?

Nautics are Amir, Levitt, Kenzo and Van. 😎

Nautics looking very cool.

How would you describe your sound to new listeners?

Our sound is a mix of 2000’s indie rock, with influences from bands of that time, and contemporary pop. We try to create a sense of nostalgia for our generation, while thinking about the future of music. 

Here’s a playlist with some of our biggest influences.

Tell us about your latest single, “Thoughts on the Ceiling”:

Combining 90s dance with a 2000s indie, “Thoughts on the Ceiling” captures the anxieties of one lover waiting on the other. Infused with light house vibes and instantly recognizable bright indie guitars.

It’s a song that can be enjoyed by anybody regardless of how the cosmos are currently looking like for them.

Why is blending music with philanthropy important to you?

It is obviously a very privileged thing to do, and we are very fortunate to be able to have this platform.

There will always be struggles in the world and we think it’s important to at least try and do our part in helping. Even if that’s just trying to raise awareness.

How have you managed social distancing as a band?

We are used to being far apart since we all went/go to different colleges. We usually just send each other song ideas and then build up on them independently until we can meet up. So it hasn’t been that much of a change for us.

What does it mean to you to be an NYC band?

There’s such a legacy in New York City, it makes it feel like its hard to contribute anything new, but when you hear something good it really shines since there is so much a concentration of brilliance and creative ability.

What do you want new listeners to know about you?

We want new listeners to experience our songs and know that we put a lot of effort into each one to try to make each of them unique in their own way!

Nautics in action.

What message do you want to spread with your music?

Just be yourself! You are perfect the way you are. ⭐️

What would you like to say to our readers about Nautics?

We’ll let our music do the speaking for us. We try and make music that gives us a nice happy feeling, and we hope our listeners can get a similar vibe from it.

Check out “Thoughts on the Ceiling” and more by Nautics via their official Spotify page.

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