Behind the Song: ‘Too Good’ by Baelondra

How this rising R&B star wrote a summer anthem about knowing your worth…

Baelondra is an R&B artist from Broward County, Florida. Her sleek and sultry sound is inspired by artists like Amy Winehouse, Tinashe, Mac Miller and Anderson Paak.

Here’s the story of how she penned her latest single, the feel-good summer hit “Too Good.”

When I first heard the beat for “Too Good,” I knew I had to make a song to it.

The beat is catchy, danceable, and overall has a feel-good vibe to it. I thought it would be a great fit for the upcoming summer, so I jumped straight into it.

Writing to it came pretty easily. Usually, when I write to beats I’ll hum out or vocalize the melody or some harmonies and then from there, I’ll start writing lyrics based on the flow of the song I create.

Most times, I never know what the words are going to be until I actually start writing. 

In this case, the phrase “Cause I’m too good to be true” kind of stuck in my head, and from there the song branched out into something more.

“Too Good” developed into an anthem for women to consider themselves the prize when it comes to relationships.

The song begs the question “I’m too good to be true, tell me why should I choose you?”Because I feel like a lot of times women sell themselves short when looking for love or while they’re in love.

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As far as the sound, I was gearing for something reminiscent of the ’90s. The late great Aaliyah & Jodeci were major artistic influences for the song in terms of the singing style.

A lot of the feedback I got from my audience solidified that I’d accomplished my goal, many people noted the fact that the song has a “nostalgic 90’s feel” to it. 

“Too Good” serves as a catchy, singable reminder for women to advocate for themselves and stand up for what they believe in.

Knowing your worth is something you owe to yourself. Next time someone wants to court or pursue you ask yourself: “why should I choose you?”

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Author: Baelondra

Baelondra is an emerging R&B artist from Broward County, Florida. She loves astrology, riding on her bike, going to the beach, meditating with her crystals and her first daughter, a Maltese named Chachi.

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