Albums to Love: Be the Cowboy by Mitski (2018)

Your twenties are for breaking down on the turnpike…

It’s always been hard for me to express my feelings. Even with myself. It’s like admitting I feel a certain way makes it too real for me. My feeble mind cannot fathom the fact that actually feel that way.

 I can’t be sad. I can’t feel alone. Isn’t that what people do in movies? Isn’t that what happens to people who actually have difficult lives? It can’t happen to me. 

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Remembering Scott Walker

The pop visionary passed away today at the age of 76…

See the dwarfs and see the giants —
Which one would you choose to be?

Scott Walker, "30 Century Man"

It’s been a tough month. I haven’t had the headspace to finish any of the drafts I have been working on for this site but today I had to share a few words.

Just two months ago, I wrote a piece here in admiration of Scott Walker for his birthday. Today, I awoke to the news of his passing and I’m still processing that he’s really gone.

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Guilty Pleasures: Cowboy Bebop, Fanfiction and… The Weeknd?

Debuting our newest segment on guilty pleasures…

The following contains sexual themes, spoilers to Cowboy Bebop, and a slight shameful fondness for The Weeknd. Read at your own discretion.

Today on this wholesome music site, I will be discussing something extremely common. I do it, you do it, everyone does it.

No, it’s not masturbation. It is reading fanfiction… and occasionally listening to The Weeknd.

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Song Diaries: “Pristine” by Snail Mail (2018)

How Lindsey Jordan helped me find my voice when I needed it most…

Song Diaries looks back on songs and the memories they carry for the writer.

It’s Valentine’s Day, so I’m writing a few words on the music I have been loving as of late. This holiday has never meant much to me, but it’s an opportunity to promote love in all its forms, self-love included.

This month, I had a musical revelation of sorts. I found myself bored with the usual stuff I was listening to and drained out by everything around me. Putting lots of hours into my work and my writing, traveling and not being and breathing enough.

Then there’s the massive blow that was yesterday’s news about Ryan Adams’ abusive behavior toward women. He was someone I’d admired for a couple of years now as a musical force of nature.

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Playlist Time: It’s M’Birthday

It’s my birthday and I’ll post if I want to…

She had a birthday yesterday, she cried
Took off her glasses let her hair down cried
She told them all at work about the day
How it is no one came? 

"Birthday Morning" by The Association

I can’t help it, I just love birthdays.

The colorful balloons, the cake, the gifts, the endless warm greetings from family, friends and acquaintances who you’re usually too awkward and distant around for them to say hello on any other given day. I live for that kind of acknowledgment.

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Artists to Love: Scott Walker

Thinking of the avant-garde crooner on his 76th birthday…

Over the years, Noel Scott Engel, born January 9th, 1943 in Hamilton, Ohio and known to audiophiles everywhere as Scott Walker, has become what some have called “pop’s great enigma.”

It’s the commanding tone of his baritone voice, the dramatic hand gestures he adorned his performances with, the dark shades that obscured his stare, the surrealist lyrics he wrote, the mystique in his stance and the very cool name which belongs to him alone and not one bit to the idiot Wisconsin politician of the same name who dominates his search results…

Well, I could write a book on why I adore Scott Walker.

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Playlist Time: 10 Songs That Marked My 2018​

My year of panicking, wandering, and “pickin’ it up”

Folks (or one person reading this),

One of my favorite end-of-year rituals is to reminisce on all the music that accompanied me along these twelve months of being alive. Since the age of 14, I have tracked most of my virtual listening on First through my hefty iPod classic (R.I.P.) and in later years through the wonder that is Spotify, which also crafts end-of-year retrospective playlists for its multitude of users.

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