Playlist Time: Sisterly Sophisti-Pop Commutin’

Ridin’ out to the sound of an 80’s saxophone solo…

As I drove back home with my sister a few days ago, I noticed her exhaustion.

After an 8-hour day of studying and going to classes, she was beyond burned out. I was playing a mix of some of my favorite songs, “The Loner” by Neil Young was currently playing.

Perhaps it was too harsh for her, but she looked bored – I tried my best not to be offended.

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Song Diaries: Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls (1998)

My lifelong battle with mental health…

By Antonia Elms

There were many nights when my family spent dinner at my father’s best friend’s house. Guillermo’s home had a beautiful front yard, with two floss silk trees, pointy-barked and full of pink flowers in the fall and winter. The backyard was lush with a green lawn, always trimmed, decorated with intricate, black ceramic tables and chairs.

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Artists to Love: Hüsker Dü

Why this legendary Minneapolis band should be in everyone’s library…

The first time I ever heard of Hüsker Dü was on some VH1 special where they and fellow Minneapolis legends The Replacements were cited as influences by Green Day.

As an angsty 16-year-old, I was naturally fiending for punk music. At that point in time, I had a ways to go before I really got into it, but this felt like the right first step. I loved Green Day and wanted to hear more bands that sounded like them, so I searched up “Don’t Wanna Know If You Are Lonely” online, and my ears weren’t quite the same.

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A Fan’s Style: Stephanie Elmir

Chatting about stripes, celebrity encounters and guilty pop pleasures.

A Fan’s Style highlights the personal tastes in music and fashion of ordinary people.

Stephanie Elmir, 22, is an actor and writer who I am very fortunate to call my friend. She is a first-generation American and daughter to hardworking parents from Lebanon and Honduras. Her upbringing and background make her wondrous, curious and insightful. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

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Song Diaries: Hero/Heroine by Boys Like Girls (2006)

The friendship trials of an aspiring emo teen.

Song Diaries looks back on songs and the memories they carry for the writer.

We change as we grow older, it’s just a part of life. I, at least, would like to think I have changed from the person I was back in middle school.

It was during my middle school years (’08-’09) that being emo was a popular thing. Shopping at Hot Topic and listening to bands like Paramore and My Chemical Romance were all the rage. “Rawr” also meant “I love you” in dinosaur during those days, apparently.

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Playlist Time: Long Hot Summer

We should all be swimming and tanning…

Ice cold lemonade, cute polka-dotted swimsuits, cheap chancletas straight out of CVS, too little sunscreen, a stinging and peeling sunburn, and the cooling aloe vera gel spread across your back. There really is nothing like going to the beach.

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Song Diaries: Tongue by R.E.M. (1994)

A story about friendship, femininity, and John Cusack.

Song Diaries looks back on songs and the memories they carry for the writer.

Ugly girls know their fate – anybody can get laid

I hear the opening piano chords and …ah yes, I think to myself.

It is 2015, I am nineteen years old, a sophomore in college and my best friend just moved with her family to Europe.

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Song Diaries: Best I Ever Had by Drake​ (2008)

In which Drake makes for an unexpected wingman.

Song Diaries looks back on songs and the memories they carry for the writer.

If you ask someone for the first thing that comes to mind when you say the name “Drake”, you’ll evoke a different reaction from every single person. Though, in this day and age, you may be hard-pressed to find someone who actually doesn’t know who he is. If you say the name “Drake” to me, though, one memory, in particular, comes to mind.

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Songs to Love: Beautiful by Belle and Sebastian (1997)

Oh, Lisa. How I wish I could help you.

She thought it would be fun to try photography,
She thought it would be fun to try pornography,
She thought it would be fun to try most anything;
She was tired of sleeping

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