Hello! I’m Pat and I’m the main writer, editor, and designer for Dulcet Zine. I created this “zine” as an outlet for me and likeminded folks to talk about music. I welcome anyone open to collaboration to contribute to this space.

A bit about me: I love 70s singer-songwriters, 80s new wave, Andrew Bird, and a few other things (that’s mostly it, though.) I have two main hobbies: writing (ok) music and writing about music. This space serves the latter.

Here are some links to my:

  • – embarrassing high school music listening history included.
  • Spotify, where I often post endless variations of the same playlist.
  • Or find me on Instagram.

Since I started this blog in the summer of 2018, we have grown into a team of about 15 contributors, including writers and illustrators, who love to share their love for music as part of the Dulcet community.

You can follow us on our Twitter or Instagram or send us an email at for more information. We hope to hear from you.

Have fun reading.



And this is Dulcet, a joyful musical bear.