Behind the EP: Medicine by Bel

How Bel overcame her biggest fears while crafting her intimate indie rock debut EP.

Bel is the project of Philadelphia singer-songwriter Isabel Furman.

Her debut EP Medicine showcases her intimate, lo-fi guitar pop, heavily influenced by the rock and folk of Lucy Dacus, Joni Mitchell, Haley Heynderickx, Snail Mail, and more. This is the story of how she wrote it.

I never thought my songs would leave my bedroom.

I take comfort in bedrooms; most of my songs deal with dynamics of intimacy, so I use these rooms as access points for that vulnerability.

Bel, by Julia Leiby

I wrote my first song as a tween, huddled in my twin bed, pen in teeth, one early Saturday morning. That’s how I’ve written most songs since.

My bedrooms have changed shape and space over the years, from bigger beds to dorm rooms to my first apartment in Philadelphia. But they remain sacred places of creativity for me, where I feel like my real artist and human self is housed. 

My first EP, Medicine, was released in January 2020. It too is an ode to bedrooms. I recorded it as a senior in college on the floor of a close friend’s dorm, sitting amongst his sneakers with my back against the mattress.

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