Albums to Love: No. 1 in Heaven by Sparks (1979)

In which Sparks and Giorgio Moroder swap glam, disco, and synth obsessions…

This is the number one song in heaven.
Written, of course, by the mightiest hand.

If you’ve ever partaken on the magical journey that is getting into Sparks, you are well aware of all its wonderful surprises. Like reading the most gripping and unpredictable of stories – action-packed at one minute and the next abruptly turning to sensual erotica, leaving one wide-eyed and perplexed in absurd entertainment.

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Playlist Time: Sisterly Sophisti-Pop Commutin’

Ridin’ out to the sound of an 80’s saxophone solo…

As I drove back home with my sister a few days ago, I noticed her exhaustion.

After an 8-hour day of studying and going to classes, she was beyond burned out. I was playing a mix of some of my favorite songs, “The Loner” by Neil Young was currently playing.

Perhaps it was too harsh for her, but she looked bored – I tried my best not to be offended.

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Playlist Time: Long Hot Summer

We should all be swimming and tanning…

Ice cold lemonade, cute polka-dotted swimsuits, cheap chancletas straight out of CVS, too little sunscreen, a stinging and peeling sunburn, and the cooling aloe vera gel spread across your back. There really is nothing like going to the beach.

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